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This is a long video I took of most of the destroyed part of Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture, on March 23, 2011. I was there and experienced the earthquake and witnessed the tsunami which destroyed most of the town. I took this video showing what was left during the week of the elementary school graduation ceremony. This is very raw footage, and some of my explanations are somewhat unclear, as I was dealing with a lack of many basic supplies over the past couple of weeks. I also had a bad cough at the time of the disaster, which only got worse for a while, and apologize for the coughing in the background. The only things that had been done in town since the time of the tsunami, was the clearing of debris from some of the roads, rebuilding of some of the washed out roads, and the moving of some debris around as they began the search for bodies. Most of the town, except for the cleared roads, is how it was immediately after the tsunami.
398 Pictures... 19 Locations... 2 Years... 
I have been taking pictures in the same locations in Onagawa almost every month over the last two years. The first pictures in the series were taken on March 12 and March 13, 2011, in order to show the other teachers what had happened to various locations in Onagawa. The teachers were minding the elementary school students, and couldn't move about as freely as I could. The video ends with the pictures I took on the two year anniversary of the disaster, on March 11, 2013. I will update this video every 6 or 12 months. The pictures can be seen on my PHOTOS page under the heading, "The Changing Face of Onagawa."‚Äč