Onagawa Re-Zoning Plan
English Version​
This plan was announced on May 12, 2013. I was in town the day before to take my monthly pictures, and took a picture of the re-zoning map. Since I was not there for the explanation, I can't give any more details at this time beyond what is on this map. If you are interested in a closer look, right-click over the image, save it to your computer, and look at the image at full size.
An explanation of the numbers is below.
​If you want to see the map without my labels on it, click here.​​
If you want to see the original Japanese, click here.​
① Current location of Onagawa hospital.  

② Location of Onagawa city hall prior to tsunami.  

③ Location of Shogai Center prior to tsunami.  

④ Location of Onagawa Train Station prior to tsunami. 

⑤ Current location of Onagawa Junior High School.

⑥ Current location of Onagawa Elementary School.

⑦ Current location of Onagawa Public Gymnasium.

⑧ Planned location of Onagawa Train Station.

**Aradachi East and West refers to names of new neighborhoods. 
The reading of the name could also be "Aradate."​